3 Underrated Musicians You Should Totally Listen To

We are pretty sure that most of you are sick of listening to Taylor swift or that terrible radio songs that are so overplayed that you wished you can detach your radio from your car. We feel you.

Here are a list of underrated musicians that should be taking over the world. Trust me, you should totally listen to them.



    “Brat pop” is the genre that the band Holychild created that confronts social hypocrisy on money, fame, celebrities, age, and beauty. Their music are witty, fun, thoughtful, and sarcastic. Changing the society’s perception with hidden meanings in their tracks.

    Listen: “Money All Around”



Berhana’s music is the perfect evenings chill-out music. A perfect blend of downtempo and hip hop. His music catches wistfulness  blending R&B with hip bounce in a way with significantly more soul. I could totally listen to his songs, 24/7 throughout the year.

Listen: “Grey Luh”


This Malaysian underrated musician caught my attention since his breakthrough song “Stoop So Low” debut. His songs are about all the feels and soul especially when you just got your heart broken, which he admits that his songs are inspired by heartbreaks. There there, it’s alright. The electronic aesthetics, the feels, what is there not to love? Sometimes, when I listen to his songs, I thought i just had a break up too.

Listen: ” Stoop So Low”


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