Probably The Best Cafe For Coffee and Healthy Food 😜. #QuerkyEats


Sometimes on our weekend, we just want to go to a calm and nice place to do our hobbies while enjoying good food. So #WeTheQuerks discovered Kopenhagen Coffee, a little Scandinavian coffee shop in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur that probably could be in your next destination!


Lets talk about food first, if you’re a fan of granolas, coffee and yoghurt then Kopenhagen Coffee is where you should be right now. You don’t have to worry about eating unhealthy because they sure will serve you various healthy food choice 😋.


Our first choice we went with ‘Queen Routine’ (RM30) menu, a Queen of Denmark breakfast style serve with piece of freshly baked spelt bread with cheese + spelt bred with sliced avocado + Greek yoghurt and granola with fruits and honey + velvety smooth scrambled eggs. Omg, just writing about it made us craving for it again 😅. If you’re not familiar with spelt bread, it’s a kind of bread that is made mostly out of organic wholemeal spelt flour, yeast, sugar and salt and may be modified accordingly.

038A5782For our second choice we went with ‘Aarhus Alternative’ (RM20), named after the second biggest city in Denmark, AARHUS. On your plate you will be serve with smashed avocado mixed with feta cheese, drizzled with their homemade chilli oil on their healthy spelt bread + tomatoes and spring onions.

How often do you mixed your avocado with cheese and get that perfect texture for your sandwich? And lastly for our coffee, we settled with Piccolo (RM11), a Brazilian and Columbian beans brewed together to give that nutty and heavy taste 😋.


Clearly Kopenhagen Coffee is not just a place for you to fill your tummy, but also a place where you can relax, read books and work if you’re a digital nomad with wifi provided and that is exactly what we did! We spent hours slowly enjoying our meals while reading and working ☺️.

Not to mention the interior is perfect as decent amount of lights shining in through the windows, minimalist and woody furniture concept which is very calming and warming for our eyes to see 😍.



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