You can have a dessert with Unicorns at this cafe! 🦄 #QuerkyEats

Yes! We are not joking, you can literally eat your choice of desserts and coffee in this pink Unicorn themed cafe at Sunway Geo Avenue and probably one of the first in Malaysia. We’ve been hearing rumours about La Fleur Café, thus we decided to take a look and experience it ourselves.


Lets talk about the place first, well clearly you can see its covered completely in pink! It is quite comfy and as you can see they received quite a crowd especially on weekends. The cafe also provide table with plug points for students or digital nomad to spend more time working while enjoying their choice of coffee and desserts.


Yeap! They have a corner for you to unleash the unicorn within you by dressing up like one along with unicorn plushies and go crazy with that camera for your OOTD because it is darn cute and it will be a waste if you didn’t!


If your tinder date stood you up,  don’t be sad because the unicorns are ready to be your date 😂 and probably a better entertainer.


Lets move on to food now. For starters, we ordered a Pink Latte (RM 10). It’s pretty much a typical latte but in pink colour 😂 and instead of creating the latte art for you, you get to do it yourself . So if you’re not good in latte art, it might turn out like ours as you can see. Taste wise, we weren’t impressed because it isn’t pure coffee and the steamed milk wasn’t made to impress.


For our desserts choice, we went with ‘Coffee Gone Nuts cake’ (RM 17.90) and ‘Egg Waffle/ Eggette’ (RM 18.90) topped with classic chocolate ice cream along with berries, marshmallow and chocolate sprinkles.

We enjoyed the cake since we love coffee flavoured desserts, and the cake itself has decent taste and texture. As for the Egg waffles we weren’t really happy with the results as it tasted plain and the ice cream is something you can get out of convenient store in way cheaper price.


Overall, the cafe interior is amazing and a place you should visit if you are a pink or unicorn enthusiast! As for the food experience, we wouldn’t recommend it to avoid disappointment.


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