This Cafe is literally called “PIUPIUPIU”😆 #QuerkyEats

Yeap thats right, this sort of hidden cafe is named PiuPiuPiu. Not a typical name for a cafe don’t you think? This small sized coffee shop is located at Zhongshan Building, Kuala lumpur serves various type of coffee and dessert and its darn good and satisfying.


Getting is there is a bit tricky, but wasn’t that hard too! We had to go up to the second floor (80b), go through a book store and viola there it is!


Lets take a look at their menu, for our coffee choice we went with something simple like White coffee (RM10) and Black Coffee (RM8).  As for dessert we went with Belgium Chocolate Cake (RM 14) nothing weird and complex. We have no disagreement on the coffees as the ratio and the texture is just right and as for the cake, we are no experts but we managed to finished it 😆 because it ain’t that bad at all!


Moving on to the interior, well its nothing fancy but we still love it! Its very cozy and minimal just the way we like it. The amount of natural light entering is decent enough and perfect for your OOTD!

When you see the interior decorations you probably start comparing it with carpenter workshop, yeap we thought the same too! And it’s creatively done too 😍. If you have some time to spare over the weekend, have a quick one at PIUPIUPIU for an usual experience.



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