This cafe serves Watermelon Ice cream Sandwich!🍉🍦| Melbourne Edition.

Dessert, dessert, dessert! Who doesn’t love dessert especially ice cream! If you’re travelling to Melbourne anytime soon, you should definitely visit Milkcow this summer! One of our #Quirkycommunity shared his experience at this very cafe!

Milkcow is located in Melbourne’s CBD, along Swanston street and has various of organic dessert choice including our favourite watermelon ice cream sandwich, milkshakes, and coffee ☕️, ranging from 5- 10 AUD per person. Shh, do you want to know a secret? The seeds on the watermelon are actually chocolate chips! How about that, ice cream, watermelon and chocolate chips, my goodness it can’t get any better than this 😍. However, why organic though? Organic Facts (2018, para. 1) suggested that “…organic milk include having higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids and CLA, more antioxidants, and more vitamins than regular milk.”

Call me weird, but I always have my ice cream with a cup of coffee. So to complete my dessert-ful evening, I filled up my tummy with some Watermelon Ice cream Sandwich ($10) and a cup of Latte ($3.50).  Your experience might be much more fun with a friend to share a dessert with!

Oh yes, let’s not forget the interior of the cafe too! The cafe may look small on the outside, but it’s quite spacious on the inside as it can accommodate up to 16 people comfortably. And it’s a good spot for your OOTD too, so bring your Instagram boyfriend along with you for the gram! 😎

All in all, it’s a spot where I would hang out for a quick dessert and fuel myself up with some sugar.

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EHL Blog. (2018). 4 Surprising Benefits Of Organic Milk. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Sep. 2018].

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