Great Ocean Road 12 Apostles, Victoria Helicopter Tour, Is it worth it?🚁

If you have visited or planning your trip the Great Ocean Road, you might encountered with the ’12 Apostles Helicopters’ tour at the main apostles stop/ information centre/ car park. I have been studying in Melbourne for over a year now and have visited the landmark more than three times, at this point I have to experience the landmark in a different view. Thus, I gave this very expensive ride a go.

How does the rates looks like? You have at least three options to choose that comes with various rates: 12 Apostles (1) London Bridge scenic flight or (2) London Bridge – Bay of Islands scenic flight or (3) London Bridge – Bay of Islands – Cape Otway Lighthouse, which would cost from $145 to $570 per head. Yikes 😧, I know it could get real pricey for some of us and probably not worth it. Hence, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and experience and you’ll decide wether it should be part of your itinerary/ budget when you’re visiting πŸ˜‰.

Of course I went with the first option, who am I kidding. So the ride set me back $145 for a 15 minutes scenic ride, flying over the 12 Apostles and London Bridge. Honestly, I’m a sucker for arial view so yes I did enjoy every second of the ride and the pilot was good looking too πŸ˜‰. While in the air, I didn’t just sit around and enjoy the view because the pilot was guiding us with historical fact about the landmark throughout the journey.

On the way back, I get to see the apostles lined up perfectly and the whole town from above. The experience and view was refreshing, we traveled 45 km in 15 minutes but it sure doesn’t feel like it, it felt like everything moving in slow motion and seeing the waves crashing by the shore was satisfying😍. I could finally go back home with new memories of the landmark and of course show off on my insta 😜.

Quick video of the Helicopter ride

Ultimately, I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone because you could still have a great time without this luxuries service, unless you don’t mind spending such amount of money at all!

10th November 2019
From $145
12 Apostels,Great Ocean Road Victoria. 

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