Stick to your iPhones, forget chunky expensive DSLRs.โœˆ๏ธ KOREA|Travel Photography

At this moment, you might be looking for best cameras to purchase for your upcoming trip. I own a Canon 7D MKII which for me is a great semi professional camera and I always have it with me, especially when I’m traveling. However, my recent travels made me realise bringing my DSLR along with me could become such a burden…Why? 1. I always ended up taking so much time going through the Airpot security gate, 2. Sometimes I forgot to charge the batteries, 3. Time consuming, 4. Weight etc.

With that in mind, I figured I should just stick to my iPhone instead of spending more money on compact/ mirrorless camera to solve my problems. Hence, my recent trip to Korea was an opportunity for me to leave my comfort zone and test my skills on phone photography.

In this endeavour, other than my phone of course I needed an editing app. Theres variety of options out there that you can get for free or pay for. Hence, on my own interest I chose VSCO as my main editing app, its pretty decent and easy to work with. In attempt to explore the app more in depth, I paid the extra $20 to access the full features.

With that sorted, I was learning and getting used to the process on the go and my thoughts? It wasn’t that bad! I’m no professional when it comes to this kind of stuff, I have friends who could do a better job than me ๐Ÿคฃ. Surely it has it ups and downs; for instance sometimes it doesn’t work that well when it comes to low light. Quality wise, its not something that you would sell as stock images… duh ๐Ÿ˜œ, but it doesn’t really matter that much since I only upload them on social media to share to my friends.

Prior to this, it would take me forever to process a photo and post it online but now, I could do it right there and then. Of course, I’m not completely abandon my DSLR, I still need it and would use it for my future trips. This endeavour helped to be fond with an alternative, my phone.

The implication that I’m trying to address here is that, smartphone’s mirrorless camera has changed the game in social media photography with its feature and technology getting more and more impressive every year without some of us even realising it. As a photographer, I often get asked for recommendation on what camera should one get for personal or travel use. Now I could say, don’t bother! If you’re not making money taking those photos, stick to your phone. It’s as good, instant, no extra weight and less complication.