Last call for Mickey lovers! ºOº

Extended to 28th February due to popular demands and its ending soon this week! Celebrating 90 years of Mickey with 90 original artwork curated by Eddie Zammit and Produced by Radio Velvet at Melbourne Central from 17th November to 28th February.

Mickey Mouse Arthouse

If Mickey was part of your childhood and you’re into art, you should definitely give Mickey Mouse Arthouse a visit that features 90 unimaginable local and international artists such as Jamie Browne, Confetti Studio, Vince Frost, Justine McAllister, Travis Price, George Rose, and plenty more in one place (, 2018).

I personally experienced the exhibition and really enjoyed it 😆. Now, I may not be an expert in judging what good art is, but looking at all those creative work I never thought I could see Mickey in various form of art. It’s also somehow relatable for us who grew up with Mickey is part of our childhood with a mixture of pop arts. Your kids probably find it unusual but for my age it somehow makes sense.

Mickey Mouse Arthouse

Don’t worry about going home empty-handed because they are giving you a chance to win Mickey print that valued up to $300. All you gotta do is post your best snap on Instagram along with #MickeyArthouse by 28th February 2019 and make sure your Instagram is public as well. Learn more here (, 2018).

Another alternative for you to get range Mickey Arthouse merch is by purchasing them on the location throughout the exhibition (open daily till 5.30pm).

Mickey Mouse Arthouse
17th November 2018 - 28th February 2019
Behind Shot Tower, Melbourne Central

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