Dear Dino Cafe ☕️, ideal cafe for digital nomad 💻.

We were travelling over the weekend to Penang, Malaysia to clear our heads off after a long week. But sometimes responsibility is a b**** and we had to respond to some emails, little work and so on. Of course, when you want to work remotely, you gonna need some good wifi, space and good snacks while you’re at it. Hence, that’s when we came across Dear Dino!

Interior wise, its simple, clean, aesthetics, and has a decent amount of natural lights. We are all about the lightings as well, because it helps us to stay bright and focus while working and enjoying our meals 😆. Service wise, the staff are polite and helpful, the wifi access is fast enough as well that helped us to work faster without any interruptions.

As for food, we ordered some bites for us to munch while working so we went with their, ‘Best Fries Forever (BFF)’; Criscut fries sprinkled with rock salt, and drenched with Sour Cream onion. As for drinks, other than coffees they provide various types of juices including detox and that’s what we went with- ‘A New Leaf’ juice (Green Apple, Lemon, Cucumber, Spinach, Parsley)  along with ‘Sensational Twist’ (Watermelon, Lemon, Mint). Overall, there’s nothing special about the food but it’s decent to have some bites.

If you come here just to enjoy some nice fries, juices and more, I’m sure there are much better and cheaper options out there. However, if you’re looking for some nice peaceful environment along with some decent food to enjoy or even while working then yes, include Dear Dino into your list!

Opening Hours: 10am- 11pm (Close on Tuesday). 
Where: 186 & 188, Penang Road
10000 George Town, Malaysia

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Grub Fitzroy, Lunch in a Garden anybody?🍲🏡

When it comes to cafes ideas, in Melbourne itself are filled with various creative and unique cafes for you to dine and experience over the weekend. I chose to share Grub Fitzroy with you guys for its unique F&B service and experience. From the pictures, you can see the dine-in garden concept which I found it interesting and calming.

In a post about Successful F&B concepts in today’s market, Schwarz, Malmsten and Karouni (2017, para. 4) suggested “… a new generation of diners is constantly looking for unique and authentic dining experiences, plus the consumers of today are more aware and educated about their daily consumption and ecological footprint.”  Based on such statement, I couldn’t agree more as I too believe today, f&b experience and concept are also as important as the food.

Grub Fitzroy is located at 87-89 Moor Street Fitzroy VIC, and it’s in a quiet and calm neighbourhood too ☺️. Let’s talk about the menu first; the cafe’s menu is great for snacking or even a full meal with various options. Just looking at the menu, I see breakfast, brunch, vegetarian, seafood and oh desserts too 😉 with a price range of $10- $30 per person.

For lunch, we decided to go with  Mushroom medley, kale, grilled flatbread, lemon sorrel, goats cheese & macadamia dukkah ($18)for our first choice and Grub ramen, pork belly, soy egg, steamed greens, noodles & chilli oil ($18) for our second choice. As for our beverage, we went with Ice Latte ($5.5)and get this; they use recyclable straws too, drink coffee save trees guys! Both meals tasted great especially if you’re a fan of ramen like me. If you’re a vegetarian, you should definitely go with the Mushroom medley… It may look small, but it’s quite filling and satisfying. I don’t have to worry about getting hungry again until dinner! 😄

As for their interiors, its nothing fancy but it sure is cosy and I love cosy space while enjoying my meals. The cafe itself is spacious, filled with natural light and of course, greens all around you to give that picnic at a park kind of vibe. I personally appreciate such design and attention on the interior where it feels right and calming, compare to a typical restaurant with claustrophobic space. What do you guys think? If you’re planning on a trip to Melbourne this coming holiday, you might wanna include this one part of your list to give it a try!

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Schwarz, L., Malmsten, G. and Karouni, K. (2017). What makes a successful F&B concept in today’s market?. [online] EHL Blog. Available at: [Accessed 21 Sep. 2018].

$30 for a Cocktail buffet and Milo Martini? Keep it flowing please!🍹|Melbourne Edition.

You don’t have any plans yet for the weekends? If you are a fan of cocktails, you probably consistently finding the best deal you could when it comes to alcohol and that’s me for sure. I don’t usually go home sober on Friday night! 😜

Hence, you can consider stopping by at Good Things bar located on Commercial Rd South Yarra. Believe it or not, you can enjoy 2 hours of cocktails buffet for only $30 with options like Fruit Tingle, Espresso Martini, Cosmopolitan and Pina Colada! I say it’s a good way to start your night before the clock strikes 11pm!

Quick fun fact about cosmopolitan; Sex and the City played a role in influencing bars bringing in the cosmopolitan drink into their menu when the drink made its debut in the second season of the show and appeared several times . However, prior to that, many recognise and credited Cheryl Cook or known as The Martini Quen of South Beach who modified the drink inspired by ‘Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice’ drink (or was once known as the Harpoon) to make it visually appealing to women by including; Absolut Citron, a new product; Rose’s Lime, a little triple sec and cranberry juice to give it the characteristic pink hue (History of The Cosmopolitan Cocktail, 2012).

It doesn’t stop there my friends! I learned that they have the weirdest martinis that you could ever think of, and that is Vegan Oreo Martini 😱. Did I give it a try? Of course I did, it was weird at first, but after a while, it’s actually not that bad since I always love Oreos or I’m just weird. If you’re not a fan of Oreo, no biggy because they also have Milo Martini, Nerds Martini, Coco Pops Martini, Golden Gaytime, and Cadbury Creme Egg Martinis starting from $15! You can learn more about their buffet and updates or even purchase your pass through their Facebook page @Supersmallclub 

Oh, they have cool murals too that you can check it out! It’s located in a separate room with half opened rooftop so you can still enjoy the fresh air, and don’t worry about the cold, they have heaters to warm the whole room up. Lushsux is the creative guy behind the art and it looks awesome! Lushsux is well known for his creative and unique street murals.

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History of The Cosmopolitan Cocktail. (2012). [Blog] MAKE ME A COCKTAIL. Available at: [Accessed 21 Sep. 2018].

Teeter, A. (2014). THE HISTORY OF THE COSMOPOLITAN AND THE BIRTH OF CRAFT COCKTAIL CULTURE. [Blog] Vinepair. Available at: [Accessed 21 Sep. 2018].

This cafe serves Watermelon Ice cream Sandwich!🍉🍦| Melbourne Edition.

Dessert, dessert, dessert! Who doesn’t love dessert especially ice cream! If you’re travelling to Melbourne anytime soon, you should definitely visit Milkcow this summer! One of our #Quirkycommunity shared his experience at this very cafe!

Milkcow is located in Melbourne’s CBD, along Swanston street and has various of organic dessert choice including our favourite watermelon ice cream sandwich, milkshakes, and coffee ☕️, ranging from 5- 10 AUD per person. Shh, do you want to know a secret? The seeds on the watermelon are actually chocolate chips! How about that, ice cream, watermelon and chocolate chips, my goodness it can’t get any better than this 😍. However, why organic though? Organic Facts (2018, para. 1) suggested that “…organic milk include having higher levels of omega 3 fatty acids and CLA, more antioxidants, and more vitamins than regular milk.”

Call me weird, but I always have my ice cream with a cup of coffee. So to complete my dessert-ful evening, I filled up my tummy with some Watermelon Ice cream Sandwich ($10) and a cup of Latte ($3.50).  Your experience might be much more fun with a friend to share a dessert with!

Oh yes, let’s not forget the interior of the cafe too! The cafe may look small on the outside, but it’s quite spacious on the inside as it can accommodate up to 16 people comfortably. And it’s a good spot for your OOTD too, so bring your Instagram boyfriend along with you for the gram! 😎

All in all, it’s a spot where I would hang out for a quick dessert and fuel myself up with some sugar.

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EHL Blog. (2018). 4 Surprising Benefits Of Organic Milk. [online] Available at: [Accessed 21 Sep. 2018].

Oh Sebenar! The powerful mind behind it. #QuerksInspire


If you’re fond with FASHIONVALET, you probably heard of ‘Oh Sebenar’ brand! We decided to take a close look on Oh Sebenar and the brain behind the brand.

Nadine Jasmine, a 22-year-old graduate from Taylors University in PR & Marketing. Nadine has been running Oh Sebenar since the early year 2018. With no background in the fashion industry, Nadine started her career with fashion photography and slowly found her way to be involved in the fashion industry and create a business that allows her to provide a platform for local designers.

What does Oh Sebenar mean to Nadine personally?

“Oh Sebenar is more than just selling clothes online, we create timeless trend and platform to showcase women fashion and lifestyle that is relatable to everyone.” 

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.36.59 PM


There are definitely challenges in running a startup, as for Nadine; “Dealing with creativity and customers is what I often encounter as part of the challenges in running a business.” However, Nadine believes that there’s always space to learn and be better in order to provide the best service for her consumers.

How would your company impact the local fashion industry or even internationally?

“I believe we can create a whole new community where there will be a space for fashion enthusiast to connect with each other locally or internationally” 

as Nadine believe that she could utilise the advantage of social media platforms as her main medium to build a community and allow her to share and inspire many individuals.

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.38.25 PM


What is your lifestyle briefly look like as a founder?

“My life is pretty normal, I usually start my day with emails and I always make time to read regardless, because I think it’s important for me to keep reading to gain inspiration and principles. I always try to take a break too whenever I can and set my priorities straight to have the balance between work and personal life.” 

Screen Shot 2018-07-27 at 11.29.22 PM


What principles do you hold on to when running your business?

“I always take things I do seriously and pay good attention to every single detail doesn’t matter how small and big it is, including how we treat our customers, receive feedbacks and so on.”



What’s your favourite collection?

“Well I don’t want to choose but if I must, it would be Capsule collection because it’s our baby and one of the collections that we worked hard for to get where we are.” 

Screen Shot 2018-07-28 at 3.02.50 PM

Do you have any message you would say to young entrepreneurs out there?

“Just do what you do and be persistent. It won’t be easy for sure, but with constant effort and trying an error you will find your answer.”