This is probably the only map of Melbourne you’ll ever need!🎡

From traditional map to google map and now to this! You may want to own this creative and playful maps to show off to your families and friends. Jenni Sparks Hand Drawn Maps is probably one of the most creative and interactive hand-drawn maps that I have come across to; with its feature pointing out the city’s hot spots and highlights.


You probably heard of Jenni sparks before but if you didn’t, well she’s one of the most inspirational illustrators worldwide based in London. Hand drawn maps are one of the well-known artwork by Jenni Sparks as she had drawn multiple cities maps and highlighting their hotspots, such as New York, Paris, Berlin, San Francisco and of course Melbourne!


Commissioned by Everamade, Jenni Sparks spent a thousand hours of research that she acquired to map the city by visiting, photographing, taking notes, and of course, the hours to draw the map itself (, 2018).

You can get yours now here with a price starts at $178. If you wanna find out more about Jenni’s work, you can explore at her platform-

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Dear Dino Cafe ☕️, ideal cafe for digital nomad 💻.

We were travelling over the weekend to Penang, Malaysia to clear our heads off after a long week. But sometimes responsibility is a b**** and we had to respond to some emails, little work and so on. Of course, when you want to work remotely, you gonna need some good wifi, space and good snacks while you’re at it. Hence, that’s when we came across Dear Dino!

Interior wise, its simple, clean, aesthetics, and has a decent amount of natural lights. We are all about the lightings as well, because it helps us to stay bright and focus while working and enjoying our meals 😆. Service wise, the staff are polite and helpful, the wifi access is fast enough as well that helped us to work faster without any interruptions.

As for food, we ordered some bites for us to munch while working so we went with their, ‘Best Fries Forever (BFF)’; Criscut fries sprinkled with rock salt, and drenched with Sour Cream onion. As for drinks, other than coffees they provide various types of juices including detox and that’s what we went with- ‘A New Leaf’ juice (Green Apple, Lemon, Cucumber, Spinach, Parsley)  along with ‘Sensational Twist’ (Watermelon, Lemon, Mint). Overall, there’s nothing special about the food but it’s decent to have some bites.

If you come here just to enjoy some nice fries, juices and more, I’m sure there are much better and cheaper options out there. However, if you’re looking for some nice peaceful environment along with some decent food to enjoy or even while working then yes, include Dear Dino into your list!

Opening Hours: 10am- 11pm (Close on Tuesday). 
Where: 186 & 188, Penang Road
10000 George Town, Malaysia

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