Grub Fitzroy, Lunch in a Garden anybody?🍲🏑

When it comes to cafes ideas, in Melbourne itself are filled with various creative and unique cafes for you to dine and experience over the weekend. I chose to share Grub Fitzroy with you guys for its unique F&B service and experience. From the pictures, you can see the dine-in garden concept which I found it interesting and calming.

In a post about Successful F&B concepts in today’s market, Schwarz, Malmsten and Karouni (2017, para. 4) suggested “… a new generation of diners is constantly looking for unique and authentic dining experiences, plus the consumers of today are more aware and educated about their daily consumption and ecological footprint.”  Based on such statement, I couldn’t agree more as I too believe today, f&b experience and concept are also as important as the food.

Grub Fitzroy is located at 87-89 Moor Street Fitzroy VIC, and it’s in a quiet and calm neighbourhood too ☺️. Let’s talk about the menu first; the cafe’s menu is great for snacking or even a full meal with various options. Just looking at the menu, I see breakfast, brunch, vegetarian, seafood and oh desserts too πŸ˜‰ with a price range of $10- $30 per person.

For lunch, we decided to go with  Mushroom medley, kale, grilled flatbread, lemon sorrel, goats cheese & macadamia dukkah ($18)for our first choice and Grub ramen, pork belly, soy egg, steamed greens, noodles & chilli oil ($18) for our second choice. As for our beverage, we went with Ice Latte ($5.5)and get this; they use recyclable straws too, drink coffee save trees guys! Both meals tasted great especially if you’re a fan of ramen like me. If you’re a vegetarian, you should definitely go with the Mushroom medley… It may look small, but it’s quite filling and satisfying. I don’t have to worry about getting hungry again until dinner! πŸ˜„

As for their interiors, its nothing fancy but it sure is cosy and I love cosy space while enjoying my meals. The cafe itself is spacious, filled with natural light and of course, greens all around you to give that picnic at a park kind of vibe. I personally appreciate such design and attention on the interior where it feels right and calming, compare to a typical restaurant with claustrophobic space. What do you guys think? If you’re planning on a trip to Melbourne this coming holiday, you might wanna include this one part of your list to give it a try!

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Schwarz, L., Malmsten, G. and Karouni, K. (2017). What makes a successful F&B concept in today’s market?. [online] EHL Blog. Available at: [Accessed 21 Sep. 2018].

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